Program Outline
  • Exciting prizes in the form of technology products to be won by the winners of hackathons at demo day!
  • All graduates have access to partner companies and mentors' companies to apply for jobs!
Flexible and Interactive Online Learning
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Course Content
  • Learning Basics
    • Setting up environment
    • Approach to building fast, secure and scalable applications
    • Building a scalable web application
    • Languages: HTML/HTML5, Ruby, Python, Javascript (Ajax, JSON, etc.)
    • Styling: CSS
    • Characters encoding
    • Frameworks/libraries: Ruby on Rails, Django, jQuery, phantomJs, casperJs, Bootstrap
    • RDBMS (MySql), NoSQL database (MongoDB, Redis)
    • HTTP, Cookies, RESTful Webservices
    • Different caching strategies and tools (Memcached)
    • Writing Cross-Browser compatible code
    • Debugging with tools like: Firebug, Chrome developer tool, IE developer tool, ySlow, Pagespeed
    • Profiling
  • Advantages of Cloud
    • What is cloud computing?
    • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS
    • Different types of instances EBS, S3,
      SES, SNS
    • Installing SSL certificates, enabling HTTPS, configuring webserver (nginx) and application server
    • Build and deployment automation
    • Smart usage of AWS APIs
  • Leveraging Social APIs
    • Familiarity with FB and Twitter Apps
    • Usage of FB Connect and OpenID Login
    • Usage of FB JS SDK, PHP SDK and Twitter APIs
    • Familiarity with Open Graph Concepts and APIs
    • Usage of Page Tab Application and normal applications on FB
  • Capturing Analytics
    • Normal data and Big data analytics using NoSql technologies like Hadoop, Redis, MongoDB, etc.
    • Elasticsearch, a flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud
    • Understanding Google Analytics and collecting actionable data
  • Building Mobile Apps
    • Android/iOS apps which can consume RESTful APIs
    • Sign-up with Facebook and Twitter using OAuth
    • How to write responsive and scalable apps
    • Managing notifications
    • Debugging and profiling
    • Different caching strategies and tools (Memcached)
  • User Experience Design
    • Why user experience?
    • What makes a compelling app?
    • The elements of user experience
    • The notion of grids
    • Graphic design basics: creating aesthetically beautiful apps
    • Usability: evaluating performance
Powering the AppSchool
  • Technology Partner
  • Design Partner
  • Cloud & Analytics Partner
  • Mobile Platform Partner
  • Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
    Infrastructure Partner
  • Suresh Harikrishnan
    CEO @ NudgeSpot
    Suresh is the founder and CEO at NudgeSpot. He dreams of solving every problem in the world using technology. He loves maths, non-fiction books and Age of Empires!
  • Rahul Gupta
    Product Manager @ Yahoo
    Rahul has started and managed product management for startups like webaroo, Mygola and Lexity.
  • Deepak Rawat
    Technical Architect @ Kuliza
    Deepak is passionate about building high-performance, secure, scalable apps. He believes that learning should never stop and is currently excited by the opportunities in mobile technology.
  • Manu Prasad
    Director - Social Media Strategy @ Group M
    Brand professional with an interest in the social web. He blogs, mentors startups, reviews restaurants, and usually stops at 140 characters.
  • Kshitiz Anand
    Founder @ Happy Horizons
    Kshitiz is a design evangelist. His approach is to apply the principles of design thinking to problem solving, team management, design consulting, entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Akash Bhunchal
    Cloud Architect @ Minjar
    Akash is very excited about the infinite opportunities that cloud offers to developers and businesses alike. A developer at heart, he knows how important it is to create scalable web/mobile applications.
Fees and Recruitment
Per entrant fees
₹ 24000*
What it includes
  • All course content
  • Access to servers
  • Mentoring sessions
What it does not include
  • Tickets to Bangalore
  • Any 5 star accomodation
  • Unlimited beer
All graduates have access to partner companies and mentors' companies to apply for jobs!
* People who are recruited by Kuliza will have their fees refunded after 1 year of employment.
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